Library Events

Make the space their space.

Library Talent Show
No talent too small! Students sang, danced, read poetry, told jokes, picked a lock, yelled “yeeeehhh boooyyy”, wiggled a finger in a funky way, and more! It was a smash.
Analog Lunch Games

Students came to kick it old school and play analog board games during their lunch.

BreakOut Box Games

In a whirlwind week, I ran back to back Breakout Box games with the sports med students. Students had to collaborate together to find hidden clues and solve the puzzles to unlock 5 different locks.

College Application Fest

The college application process is not easy. To ensure our students got the help they needed, I helped them navigate applying for FAFSA and the enrollment process.


Students read during their lunch period for two weeks straight.

Bob Ross Library Visit

This was a fantastic opportunity to showcase one of our brilliant artists in a fun and engaging way. She dressed up as Bob Ross and walked students through the painting process during lunch.

Book Club

Book club is a must sponsor group for every librarian. Once a month, students would pick a book and we would discuss it over snacks and tea.

Community Puzzling

Nothing wrong with a little passive programming. The library always had a puzzle out for all the students to collaboratively work on. When they finished we would hang the puzzle.

Book Sale

Ever wonder what to do with the books you weed out of the collection? Funny thing is students LOVE buying old books…especially for a nickel. It was a WIN-WIN!

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