Summer PD Fun

Now that summer is in full swing, and I have more time to focus on me, I determined to make a plan to ensure I did not fall into a deep binge book reading or Netflix hole (and then wake up in August with no real accomplishments)! There are many free opportunities for teachers/librarians to better their practice over the summer, so I want to share my summer PD plan with you.

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Google Educator, Trainer, and Innovator certifications are a great way to ensure you are prepared to move your classroom into the digital landscape. With so many unknowns for the upcoming school year, I have made it a priority to get my Level 2 Certification and my trainer status. The google trainings are easy, engaging, and teach you all things Google. At the end of the training you can pay to take the online test and become certified. Or you can just follow along and learn how to use and integrate G-Suite into your classroom. I felt it was a streamlined process to learning, that does not overwhelm a person from the start! Click the picture above to learn how you can earn your Google certifications too.

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Newsela is such a cool site to help integrate literacy across the subjects. They have a rich library of articles paired with questions you can assign to your students digitally (or print). The real magic of Newsela is that the program can adapt to the student’s reading level. You can literally have five different lexile versions of the same article for your students! This really makes it easy to meet your students where they are at, and help grow them as readers. The content is variable, so you can find current events or pre-built units depending on your program plan. They have free services, but like all good edutech they also have a pay for version.

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Screencasify is not my favorite screencast service, but it is what my district will allow. So sometimes that is what we go with! The cool part about screencastify is that they have some free training available for teachers to learn how to use screencastify in their classrooms. I really appreciate that it not only goes over the logistics of how to use screencastify, but also offers some suggestions of how to use it in your lessons. Some of the suggestions were super good ideas that I had not previously thought of.

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Edpuzzle has a wide range of skill level PD sessions you can complete to earn how to use their edutech in your classroom. Edpuzzle is a great way to ensure students are getting something out of the videos you assign them to watch using best practices.

These are just a few of the free eduTech PDs out there for teachers and librarians. I am going to keep my plan simple this summer in hopes of achieving my goals. What PD’s do you have planned?

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