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I believe in innovation and the dynamic power for technology to transform a learning experience from okay to yay! The world is shifting fast, and so we need to adapt if we are going to help mold our students into the movers, shakers, and changemakers. And this place, my friend, is where I explore how I might go about doing that whether I am in the classroom or the library. Welcome.

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Pandemic Post.

To wear a mask, or to not? That shouldn’t be the question. However, it appears to be one of the heated political questions running amok in the U.S. while there seems to be no end in sight of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Cases continue to rise exponentially in the U.S., while other industrialized nations seem toContinue reading “Pandemic Post.”

Summer PD Fun

Now that summer is in full swing, and I have more time to focus on me, I determined to make a plan to ensure I did not fall into a deep binge book reading or Netflix hole (and then wake up in August with no real accomplishments)! There are many free opportunities for teachers/librarians toContinue reading “Summer PD Fun”


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